Weekly Tarot Cards


Every week for the next 78 weeks I will be drawing a new card for you to study and learn.

I’ll write a post, diving into the card including:

  • card description
  • RWS card for comparison (if it’s a different deck)
  • esoteric title
  • the suit meaning
  • astrological correspondences*
  • numerical meaning
  • symbols, 2-3 important ones
  • the card’s meaning – general, career, & romance (subjects commonly asked about)
  • questions to ask with this card
  • affirmation/quote

*If it’s a Major Arcana card, I will also include additional information.

Each week I will put that card aside so I don’t draw it again, and I will use it in the Weekly Tarot Readings, so you can see it action! Learning the card meanings are of course important, but it is equally important to learn how to pull the information together, interpret the card in a reading, and combine it with other cards.

As a beginner, it is understandable that you have the urge to ‘memorize’ the card meanings – we all did. While I feel it’s fine to memorize a few keywords that resonate with you the most, it is crucial to learn and devise your own interpretation for each card. I suggest taking those keywords and use mind mapping to expand on each word. You’ll be amazed how this exercise can open and broaden your mind.

If you are unfamiliar with mind mapping, click here to read a bit about how it works and to see some of my examples.

The Weekly Cards

  1. Weekly Tarot Card – Five of Wands
  2. Weekly Tarot Card – Three of Cups
  3. Weekly Tarot Card – Nine of Wands
  4. Weekly Tarot Card – King of Pentacles
  5. Weekly Tarot Card – Five of Pentacles
  6. Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Swords
  7. Weekly Tarot Card – Four of Swords
  8. Weekly Tarot Card – Two of Wands
  9. Weekly Tarot Card – Three of Pentacles
  10. Weekly Tarot Card – Judgement
  11. Weekly Tarot Card – Eight of Swords
  12. Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Pentacles
  13. Weekly Tarot Card – Eight of Cups
  14. Weekly Tarot Card – The Moon
  15. Weekly Tarot Card – Queen of Cups
  16. Weekly Study Card – Ace of Wands

Analyzing your draws –

It is always interesting to observe the cards you’ve drawn:

  • which suits are prevalent or lacking
  • which numbers are frequent
  • frequently drawn cards
  • numerical sequences
  • which Courts

This is the type of analysis you should do with your own draws, whether they’re weekly or daily cards. It can give insight to the possible focus and/or direction your life may be in at the moment. In the same regard, it can let you know what may be missing, as well as possible patterns.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to write a comment below.

Enjoy and happy learning!

*Note – The cards in the images above have been used with permission by Alexander Daniloff.  The cards are from his 2010 deck, Majors only and their opacity has been manipulatedhttp://www.daniloff-art.it/Tarocchi%20gallery/Tarot%20index.html