Wands – Keywords

 The Wands Suit

wandWands are associated with the element Fire:
The Spirit or Soul– I Desire/Action

Also know as: Batons, staffs, rods, staves, scepters, or clubs.

Wands Keywords: Action, enthusiasm, energy, ideas, the first spark, initiative, adventure, inspiration, expansion, creativity, career, hobbies, sports, art etc. All things you are deeply passionate about and acting upon them.

Wands are from the Minor Arcana

The Minor cards represent day-to-day life and its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.


  • Season: Spring
  • Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Tree of Life: Atziluth – archetypal world
  • Direction: South
  • Timing: Noon to Twilight & Weeks
  • Symbol: Salamander
  • Color: Red
  • Quality: Hot and Dry

Please note: each week, for the next 78 weeks, I will draw a card and write a post, diving deeper into each card and its full meaning. I will then add a link to the card name below, highlighting it in gold.

Card Meanings – Keywords/Phrases:


Ace of Wands – The opportunity card; newness, beginnings, initiatory stage, spark, enthusiasm, ideas, inspiration, potential, change.

Two of Wands – Partnerships, planning, exploring your ideas and putting it to work, business decision or proposal, determination, taking risks, vision, ability, opportunity to expand.

Three of Wands – Seeing some action from the 2, seeing your ship come in, expansion, accomplishment, productivity, validation, expectation, culmination.

Four of Wands – Celebration, experiencing initial success of an endeavor; achievement, harmony, a happy event, award ceremony, feeling free, party, holiday.

Five of Wands – Competition, in fighting, tension, conflict, rivalry, challenges, debate, lack of leadership, and also mean healthy competition.

Six of Wands – Over-coming the struggles in 5, victory, rewards, recognition, achievement, accomplishment, success, triumph.

Seven of Wands – Feeling defensive or defending your ground, beliefs, actions, obstacles, tenacity, protecting, valor, bravery.

Eight of Wands – Movement, speed, travel, quick/rapid change or development, acceleration, communication.

Nine of Wands – Experiencing worries or anxiety, the war is not over, stamina, resilience, courage, protection, recuperation, being alert to troubles, discipline, wounded warrior.

Ten of Wands – Burden, taking on too much, obligations,  feeling overwhelmed, too much responsibility, hard work, exhaustion.

Page of Wands – The change card. Messages or news regarding change/movement, ideas. Studying or researching what’s needed to move forward, new direction, exploration.

Knight of Wands – Seeking adventure, impulsiveness, impatience, impetuous, charming, gift of gab, braggart, exaggerates, travel, competitive, creativity.

Queen of Wands – A natural born leader, independent, passionate, enthusiastic, self-confident, dedicated, nurturing creative energy, likes to be center of attention, optimistic.

King of Wands – Mastery of ; natural born leader, visionary, decisive, good communicator, passionate, optimistic, man of adventure and/or action.