Wands – Full Meanings


The Wands Suit

wandWands are associated with the element Fire:
The Spirit or Soul– I Desire/Action

Also know as: Batons, staffs, rods, staves, scepters, or clubs.

Wands Keywords: Action, enthusiasm, energy, ideas, the first spark, initiative, adventure, inspiration, expansion, creativity, career, hobbies, sports, art etc. All things you are deeply passionate about and acting upon them.

Wands are from the Minor Arcana

The Minor cards represent day-to-day life and its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.

Wands/Masculine/Active – Traits

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”
– Buddha

Fire is the spark – the spark of ideas, beginnings, creativity; the seed in which everything grows. This is why you will often see shoots off the wands symbolizing growth.  The Wands suit represents all that you are passionate and enthusiastic about; our drive, our ambition and taking action regarding them. This is your pure potential. Wands people are the initiators of the suits.
Wands people are confident, innovative, courageous, passionate, strong people who have the willpower to pursue their dreams and goals. They are career oriented and like to be in charge and thus, many are leaders or are self-employed. Wands can be competitive and are not scared or put off by challenges, in fact, they welcome them. They have a “go for it” attitude, which can be good and bad.

They can be exciting partners however, they do best in a relationship with like-minded people. Their high energy may be difficult to match and they like to live life to the fullest. Due to their zest for life and high energy, if they don’t feel stimulated, boredom can easily set in and they don’t like feeling tied down. Their free spirit is always calling them. This is also true when it comes to their work. They wouldn’t be happy in a nine to five, office job. They would feel stifled, bored, and disinterested.

Wands people love adventure – they’re fearless and love living life on the edge. They love to travel and tend to like sports that are fast, dangerous and/or risky such as, hang-gliding, base jumping, racing cars, rock climbing, spelunking, et cetera.

Another side of the Wands, is their spiritual and/or philosophical side; their search for a higher self or, a deeper awareness of their psyche, as well as other’s. Although this could point to a religion, it doesn’t have to. But it would be something they feel connected to on a higher level. Meditation, Mindfulness, and/or yoga, is a great example, or it could even be a charitable or political cause, such as the Peace Corp. or Green Peace.


Negative StateAs fire can quickly get out of control, so can the Wands.

Wands people are in a hurry and can be over ambitious or take on too many projects at once and as a result, they burn or have a difficult time focusing because they are all over the place. When they fail, they can become jealous and envious of other’s success.

Wands can also be aggressive, overbearing, temperamental, and have a lack self-control and are known for their bad tempers. At times, they may seem to thrive on drama and conflict. They can be impatient, impulsive and impetuous, and be so overconfident, that they’re cocky.

While being adventurous is fine, some like to push their limits. They can be reckless and take life-threatening risks. Wands can be lustful and promiscuous, looking at sex as recreational sport, having one night stands or even cheating on their partner.

Wands are creative people and so, in their negative state, this creativity can be stifled or blocked.


  • Season: Spring
  • Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Tree of Life: Atziluth – archetypal world
  • Direction: South
  • Timing: Noon to Twilight & Weeks
  • Symbol: Salamander
  • Color: Red
  • Quality: Hot and Dry

Societal Expressions– s/he has a fiery temperament or personality; s/he’s on fire; hot-headed.

Famous Wands Person: Richard Branson – founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines. He’s innovative who’s taken on many different projects and who also thrives on adventure and risk taking sports.

Beginning March 19, 2017, I began drawing a new Tarot card each week to study and learn. Click here to see all the Weekly Tarot Cards in one place.

I dive deep into each card and this is what I cover in each post:

  • card description
  • RWS card for comparison (if it’s a different deck)
  • esoteric title
  • the suit meaning
  • astrological correspondences
  • numerical meaning
  • symbols, 2-3 important ones
  • the card’s meaning – general, career, & romance
  • questions to ask with this card
  • affirmation/quote

As a beginner, it is understandable that you have the urge to ‘memorize’ the card meanings – we all did. While I feel it’s fine to memorize a few keywords that resonate with you the most, it is crucial to learn and devise your own interpretation for each card. I suggest taking those keywords and use mind mapping to expand on each word. You’ll be amazed how this exercise can open and broaden your mind.

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