Tinder for Courts Cards

Tinder for Court Cards – Personals for Royals

This is a fun way to really get to know the Tarot Court Cards, arguably the most difficult cards in the deck.

royal couple tinder pic


How to play:

  • Separate the Court cards from any deck of your choosing.
  • Shuffle and choose two cards.
  • Then you’ll write a personal ad, based on the personality types, each card represents.
  • The first card is the seeker.
  • The second card is the type of person s/he’s seeking*.

*Remember, Courts cards are not bound to their associated gender. In other words, a King does not have to be a man, and a Queen doesn’t have to be a woman.

You may follow along and write your ad based on the cards I draw or you may draw two cards of your own. Either way, I’d love it if you would post your ‘Personal Ad’ in the comment section, so we may all learn from one another. Looking forward to reading them!

Use your imagination and have fun with this. Be as creative and as crazy as you want to be – anything goes!

Here are my Tinder Personal Ads:

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