Practice Questions


If you are new to Tarot or not, it’s always fun and beneficial to perform practice readings for faux Querents.

How to find or create practice question and clients:

Dear Abby

A good place to get practice questions are from Dear Abby or any other advice column¹.

Tarot Site/Blogs

Another good place is to find practice questions is from Tarot sites/blogs that post anonymous reading or their free readings. In fact, I find it interesting to compare my reading to theirs. I’ve always learned a lot doing that. Especially if we happen to draw the same card(s).

Story Characters

Read for a character from your favorite novel, movie, poem, song, etc.

Create Your Own Querent & Question

  • You can also pull cards to create both a question and a Querent. For example: For the Querent, stick to the Courts or archetypal Majors. For the question, you can draw a few cards.

If I drew the Ace of Pentacles, Two of Swords and the World. The question could be: I’m starting a new career and I’ve been put in a awkward position to make a tough decision. What can I do to ensure it will all work out?

  • A fun thing to do is to write out common questions about love, work, etc. on separate pieces of paper, put them in a hat or bag and pull one. You could also add a specific ‘Querent’ by writing down careers, ages, gender, relationship status, etc. and pull one from each category.

  1. This great idea came from a member at TABI who offers a monthly practice question.