Pentacles – Keywords

 The Pentacles Suit

pentaclePentacles are associated with the Earth:
The body – I Possess/Physical

Also known as: Coins, discs, spheres, stones, or diamonds.

Pentacles Keywords: Materials things, money, resources, stability, work for physical reward, health, finances, practicality, being grounded.

Minor Arcana

The Minor cards represent day-to-day life and its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.


  • Season: Autumn
  • Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Tree of Life: Assiah – active world
  • Direction: North
  • Timing: Midnight – Sunrise & Years
  • Symbol: Gnome
  • Color: Green
  • Qualities: Cold and Dry


Please note: each week, for the next 78 weeks, I will draw a card and write a post, diving deeper into each card and its full meaning. I will then add a link to the card name below, highlighting it in gold.


Card Meanings – Keywords/Phrases:


Ace of Pentacles – New resources, new finances, new career or opportunity, wealth, good health, luck, successful venture .

Two of Pentacles – Juggling money, career, adaptability, managing energy, multitasking, balance, ups and downs financially.

Three of Pentacles – Collaboration, teamwork, skilled work, talents, recognition, early stages of attainment, contribution, advancement, attention to detail, high standards.

Four of Pentacles –Miser card, holding onto your money, selfishness, hoarding, possession, managing resources, saving, protecting.

Five of Pentacles – In need, poverty, hard times, bad luck, financial loss or loss of job, destitution, health concerns, rejecting help, feeling abandoned.

Six of Pentacles – Charity, being charitable, lending support, generosity, donation, fairness, asking for help or support.

Seven of Pentacles – Taking a break, assessing your work, perseverance,  commitment, evaluating, return on your investment, rewards, appraisal.

Eight of Pentacles – Internship, apprenticeship, perfecting your craft, education, artisan, diligence, dedication, focus, drive, steady progress, attention to detail.

Nine of Pentacles – Enjoying the fruits of your labor, material surrounding, luxury, appreciation, discipline, self-confidence, prosperous, solitude, security.

Ten of Pentacles – Similar to Ten of Cups but in this card, the family in the cups is also financially secure. In addition wealth, inheritance, prosperity, being established, retirement, stable family, security, strong family ties/support, healthy life.

Page of Pentacles – News of money, financial gain/opportunity, career change or promotion. Learning about finances, how to be resourceful

Knight of Pentacles – Seeking career, money, to utilize their skills and talents. Works hard, plays hard. Patience; practical approach, slow steady progress, responsible, dependable, energy is more stable (than other Knights).

Queen of Pentacles – Practical, sensible, motherly, nurturing, down-to-earth, secure. She will get the job done, is prosperous and successful. Comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. Also generous, charitable.*

King of Pentacles – A natural born leader, practical, down-to-earth, motivator, success through perseverance, disciplined in finances/career, secure, grounded, practical and productive, confident, a patient hard worker, generous, charitable, honest, reliable, family man, lover of nature and animals.*

*Both the Queen and King are great business people. They are managers, owners, CEOs.