Major Arcana – Keywords

The Major Arcana

Major Arcana aka Trumps represent well-known archetypal energies, stages of development, life lessons and/or milestones we commonly experience throughout our lives. They hold more weight than the Minor cards in a reading because they involve growth and self-discovery and are associated with pivotal events that permeate our lives.  In addition, they don’t have the flexibility the Minors offer; instead they are fixed. The Majors act as signposts on the road of life and it’s our choice which path to take but we should listen to their message.
Major Arcana stages


Please note: each week, for the next 78 weeks, I will draw a card and write a post, diving deeper into each card and its full meaning. I will then add a link to the card name below, highlighting it in gold.



  1. The Fool – Adventure, spontaneity, leap of faith, new journey, innocence, free spirit, a new opportunity, new phase, time for a change.
  2. The Magician – Acknowledging/ realizing your potential, will, action, skill, resourcefulness, manifestation, creative action, creative power.
  3. The High Priestess – Secrets, intuition, mystery, higher powers, subconscious mind, hidden issues, looking within, trusting your instincts.
  4. The Empress – Maternal or mother, nature, Mother Earth (Gaia), fertility, nurturer, beauty, abundance, feminine energy, creativity, intuition.
  5. The Emperor – Paternal or father, authority, rules, structure, solid foundation, security, masculine energy, regulation.
  6. The Hierophant – Traditions, faith, beliefs/values, teaching, learning, conformity, conventional wisdom, wise counsel, search for spirituality or meaning.
  7. The Lovers – Relationships, new love, partnerships, union, harmony, a choice,  spiritual/moral values, a decision to take the high road.
  8. The Chariot – Travel, journey, victory, courage, control, determination, will power, balancing in opposing forces, reigning in conflicts, a middle course.
  9. Strength – Inner strength, overcoming obstacles, taming the beast, courage, patience, self-confidence, self-discipline, faith in yourself.
  10. The Hermit – Solitude, wisdom (with age), being alone, introspection, soul-searching, self-discover, withdrawing, seeking advice.
  11. The Wheel of Fortune – Destiny, fate, luck, fortune, karma, life cycles, a turning point, opportunity, development, ups and downs.
  12. Justice – Legal issues, justice, fair and balanced, order, cause and effect, law, neutrality, integrity, strategy, rational, logic, black and white; no gray.
  13. The Hanged Man– Sacrifice, enlightenment, meditation, higher self, letting go, surrendering, suspension, new perspective/viewpoint, in limbo or stuck.
  14. Death – Endings, transformation, end of a cycle, philosophical change, transition, moving forward from the past, empowerment, rebirth, renewal.
  15. Temperance – Tempering, the right mix, bringing harmony, balance, moderation, self-restraint, compromise, peace, mergers, coordination.
  16. The Devil – Habits/vices, addictions, dependency, feeling trapped, negative influence, pessimism, materialism, personal demons, fears, greed, obsessions.
  17. The Tower – Sudden & explosive change, revelation, upheaval, disaster, crumbling foundation, false structure, out with the old in with the new, freedom.
  18. The Star – Hope, renewal, wish upon a star, inspiration, tranquility, spirituality, healing, inspiration, rebirth, calm, peace, optimism, happiness.
  19. The Moon – Mysteries, ebb and flow, illusions, delusions, fantasies, self-deception, fear, anxiety, unconscious mind, intuition, overwhelming emotions.
  20. The Sun – Pure joy, happiness, success, positivity, satisfaction, enrichment, attainment, prosperity, emotional well-being, good health, a new day.
  21. Judgement – Hearing the call, an awakening, self-evaluation, absolution, forgiving yourself, moving on, judging or being judged, a rite of passage/milestone.
  22. The World – Completion of a cycle, accomplishments, fulfillment, achievement, attainment, travel,