International Tarot Day 2017 Blog Hop Master List


Special thanks to Bree Ferguson from Nym’s Divination for putting together this blog hop to celebrate the very first International Tarot Day!  Make sure to check out her post for The Magician.

Hope you enjoy this blog hop brought to you by so many talented Tarotists from around the world.

We’ve Moved!

The master list has moved to Bree Ferguson’s blog as promised. When I receive the direct url to the master list on Bree’s site, I will update this link or redirect this page. Happy Hopping!


Personal photo from Lanai, Hawaii
  1. The FoolJanet Boyer’s Blog
  2. The MagicianNym’s Divination
  3. The Hierophant78 Midnight Howls
  4. The LoversRed Lotus Designz
  5. The ChariotFirerose Tarot
  6. StrengthRhianon Etzweiler
  7. The HermitFables Den
  8. Wheel of FortuneOephebia
  9. JusticeCelestial Recognitions
  10. The Hanged ManMomma Tarot
  11. DeathState of Wild Grace
  12. TemperanceReadings By Dauna
  13. The DevilKimbery Essex
  14. The DevilTrivia at The Crossroads
  15. The TowerJanet Boyer’s Blog
  16. The StarEternal Athena Tarot
  17. The MoonStellar Tarot
  18. JudgementStay Woke Tarot
  19. The WorldWhen My Soul Whispered
  20. Ace of WandsMeadow Queen Blog
  21. Two of WandsClearVue Tarot
  22. Three of WandsPoints Of Five Tarot
  23. Five of WandsNew Age Hipster
  24. Six of WandsCards and Cups
  25. Eight of WandsTheAstroDancer
  26. Nine of WandsTarotbytes
  27. Knight of WandsThe Tarot You Know
  28. Queen of WandsThe Naked Heart Tarot
  29. Ace of PentaclesTarot Pugs
  30. Two of PentaclesCosmic Faery’s Journal
  31. Four of PentaclesPractical Magic
  32. Five of PentaclesGypsy Rose Tarot
  33. Six of PentaclesAll Roads Lead To The kitchen
  34. Seven of PentaclesSpiral Sea Tarot
  35. Eight of PentaclesEverblue Intuitive
  36. Nine of PentaclesDream Intuition
  37. Ten of PentaclesExploringly Yours
  38. Page of PentaclesNicholas Dewart
  39. Queen of PentaclesComing Out Tarot
  40. King of PentaclesFalcon Cloak Tarot
  41. Ace of CupsShe Is Zen
  42. Two of CupsMelanie Lucia
  43. Three of CupsThe Wealthy Reader
  44. Six of CupsGwendolyn Womack
  45. Seven of CupsJennifer King
  46. Eight of CupsReadings By Dauna
  47. Nine of CupsRobbie Plumb
  48. Ten of CupsModron Lotus Garden
  49. Page of CupsStarr Tarot
  50. Knight of CupsLavender Moon
  51. Queen of CupsKriss Lumsden
  52. Ace of SwordsSpirit Song Art
  53. Two of SwordsTarot Academy by Oephebia
  54. Three of SwordsThe Everyday Medium
  55. Five of SwordsEcstatic Goddess
  56. Six of SwordsSoul Sparks
  57. Seven of SwordsMy Wandering Fool
  58. Eight of SwordsCoyote Tarot
  59. Nine of SwordsTarotator
  60. Ten of SwordsJudah First
  61. Page of SwordsMoon Zoul Magic
  62. Knight of SwordsTucumcari Tarot
  63. Queen of SwordsAngelorum
  64. King of SwordsEthony
  65. Three of PentaclesLiza
  66. Three of CupsThe Sibyl’s Tarot
  67. Eight of PentaclesTarotProse