How I Became Interested in the Tarot

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My mom and her girlfriends used to play penny poker, every Friday night after bowling. She read Runes and sometimes she would take them out and do readings for her friends. I would peak in and try to listen, before getting caught and being sent back to bed. Then they began hiring psychics, who would come and talk to each of them, separately in another room. I was so curious about these stones and enthralled by these women, in their bohemian garb and their picture cards. I used to beg my mother for a reading and to teach me the Runes, but she said I was too young.  She finally started teaching me in my tweens and allowed me have a reading when I was about thirteen and I will never forget it.

This psychic asked me to draw Tarot cards and asked to hold something dear to me. I gave her a wooden pin my biological grandfather (I’m adopted) carved into a mallard duck and painted for me. She told me that I had a sister and I shook my head no and explained I only had one brother and no sisters. It didn’t matter what I told her, she insisted she was right. I didn’t have another reading until my early twenties and again I was told I had a sister, but this time, I was also told I had more than one brother. Although I enjoyed the experiences, both left me feeling a little skeptical regarding Tarot but, I still enjoyed the Runes.

A few years later, I found out who my biological mother was. She happen to be a former friend of my mother’s, who became pregnant and for personal reasons could not keep me. My mother and father were already looking to adopt, so the timing was perfect or you can say it was destiny and voila, I was adopted. She already had one child, a girl and later she had two boys. Therefore, technically, I did/do have one sister and I also have two more brothers. This new information sold me on the Tarot cards.

In addition, I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural world. Throughout my life, I’ve had countless incidents when I dreamt something specific and then it happened, or I got that ‘feeling’ that something was wrong and something was actually awry, or when my instincts told me to do something and I was sorry when I didn’t listen. That still continues today. I cannot explain these experiences and how or why they happen. I do not hear a spirit voice or guide (at least knowingly) and I do not possess psychic abilities. Maybe there are different planes of time, that sometimes get crossed or possibly it’s Jung’s theory of Synchronicity; just meaningful coincidences. Maybe it’s something that’s simply inexplicable or maybe we’re not supposed to understand. Either way, I cannot deny my experiences even though I’m usually a person of science and facts.

Soon after I found out that I did have siblings, I purchased my first Tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot, in 1995. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to the read the book and begin reading the cards. They were gorgeous and I loved mythology, so they were perfect. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to learn about the cards for all that long. One year later, I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and they completely consumed my life, forcing me to put the cards down. What is so strange about this is, the last psychic said I was going to get very sick for a long time but it wouldn’t be fatal. I still get chills thinking about it. She said maybe MS (which can eventually be fatal). Thank goodness that part was wrong however, Trigeminal Neuralgia (a chronic illness related to my migraines) is something sufferers with Multiple Sclerosis get due to the myelin sheath breaking down; mine is due to a vascular loop. Either way, it’s pretty amazing, right?

Finally after 16  years, I found a procedure that helped me to be about 95% better and thus, I had my life back. So I immediately picked those cards back up again. The internet was now a huge success and Tarot information was abundant. I quickly learned about Rider-Waite Smith, bought the Universal Waite Tarot, and have immersed myself in the Tarot ever since. I have found it intriguing and fascinating, especially the iconography in the card images. The Tarot is rich in religious symbolism which I find both riveting and ironic.

After I felt comfortable, I began reading for friends and family. I enjoyed it so much and found it rewarding helping and guiding people to learn more about themselves, assist in making beneficial decisions, and discovering feelings they didn’t know they had and so much more. Last year, I felt confident enough to begin reading for the ATA’s Free Tarot Network and now, for TABI’s network too (although I’ve since stopped due to my health 12/17). I decided to create this blog and hope to one day go pro.

The Tarot has helped me to feel productive and worthy again and I love connecting with people and making new friends. I am an extrovert, which I understand is not the norm among Tarot readers, and I really missed associating with people. When I was really sick, I despised not working and being socially active. Now, I’m trying to make up for lost time.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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