Cups – Keywords

The Cups Suit

CupCups are associate with the element Water:
The Heart – I Feel/Emotions

Also known as: Chalices, cauldrons, vessels , bowls, containers, or hearts.

Cups Keywords: All emotions, all different kinds of love, all kinds of relationships, feelings, receptivity, intuition, the subconscious, your dreams, your imagination, your vision, artistic creativity.

Minor Arcana

The Minor cards represent day-to-day life and its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.


  • Season: Summer
  • Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Tree of Life – Briah: creative world
  • Direction: West
  • Timing: Twilight – Midnight & Months
  • Symbol: Undine
  • Color: Blue
  • Quality: Wet and Moist

Please note: each week, for the next 78 weeks, I will draw a card and write a post, diving deeper into each card and its full meaning. I will then add a link to the card name below, highlighting it in gold.


Card Meanings – Keywords/Phrases:


Ace of Cups – New love, new relationships, new emotions, creativity, challenging time may come to an end, happier times, peace, healing.

Two of Cups –  Evolving relationships, partnerships, union, connection, harmony, romance.

Three of Cups – Friendships, gathering, joy, celebration, parties, friends gathering, enjoying each other’s company, connections.

Four of Cups -Boredom, indifference, ignoring opportunities in front of you, reevaluation, dissatisfaction, lack of gratitude, stagnation, resisting change, depression.

Five of Cups – Loss, but not all is lost, depression, pessimism, bereavement, mourning, regret, frustration.

Six of Cups – Childhood memories (fond), nostalgia, gifts, generosity, reunion, kindness, innocence, restoring harmony.

Seven of Cups – Fantasies, imagination, illusions, daydreams, lack of focus, wishful thinking, too many options.

Eight of Cups – Sneaking off, needing alone time, escaping, abandonment, quest, journey, discontent, moving on, a turning point, saying good-bye.

Nine of Cups – The wish card, all your wishes came true, basking in your good fortune, pride, material pleasures.

Ten of Cups – Having in all, family, harmony, happiness, optimism, sanctuary, domestic bliss; getting married, having two kids the dog and the white picket fence, oh and a rainbow.

Page of Cups – Message of love; news of a baby; artistic creativity; Learning about love and how to deal with love and emotions

Knight of Cups – Seeking love; love being in love; prince charming, a dreamer and following them, a romantic, artistic talent, social invitation, an offer.

Queen of Cups – Nurturer, intuitive, loving, perceptive, empathetic, compassionate, affectionate, counselor, introspection, artistic, sensual, sexual, loves animal and children.

King of Cups – Mastery of emotions, emotionally stable and supportive, loyal, compassionate, therapist, healer. A visionary; actualizing one’s dreams, vision, creativity.