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My Picture with Tarot cardsHello, my name is Freyja and I’m a Tarot reader and continual student. I also enjoy including Oracle cards and Runes in my Tarot readings, reading Oracles and Runes alone, and would like to eventually learn to read Petit Lenormand and Kipper cards as well.

I was extremely lucky to have met and married my soulmate. We’ve been married for almost 20 years (together for more than 20). We’re both avid animal lovers and proudly adopted both of our dogs. My other interests include: photography, writing fiction (currently just a hobby), crocheting, meditating, reading fiction (King is my fav), mythology, and poetry, and I love learning new things. I recently began learning about Mindfulness and Buddhism, and find both very interesting.

How I use the Tarot

Personally, I do not use the Tarot cards to foretell the future. I do not possess any supernatural abilities therefore, I am unable to use the Tarot to accurately prophesy or give predictions.

Alternatively, I use the Tarot as a key to unlock our subconscious, revealing the insight and knowledge our minds withhold, sometimes in an attempt to protect ourselves. As an intuitive reader, I interpret the rich symbolism found in the card’s imagery, pulling back the curtain so the truth can be revealed. I use these findings to offer guidance, as well as empowerment, with the matter at hand. When used in this manner, the Tarot can be a very constructive and beneficial tool, opening the doors to unknown opportunities, paths, thought processes, messages etc.

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