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Happy International Tarot Day
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The Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land

I’m a natural born leader, an entrepreneur by designKIngofPentacles
I’m a lover of money and all it can buy
Mansions and yachts, fine wine and caviar
Driving the Autobahn in my Italian sports car

Perhaps you prefer the Hawaiian isle of Lanai
The landscape, the fauna, the birds and butterflies
The plantation, the ocean, it’s a nature lover’s dream
I’m King of the Spirit Earth and all its extremes

I’m a devoted loyal spouse and a good family man
I’m generous and charitable; I give as much as I can
I’d rather spend the night at home than a night on the town
I’m content watching movies with my family and our hound

I can be stubborn and prudent, like the Taurus I am
I’m the one to call upon when you’re in a jam
I’m a meticulous A type who’s also down-to-earth
Grounded, practical, honest, and overt

I love being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air
Though, I like looking nice and dressing with flare
I exercise, eat well, and try to stay healthy
I’m a lucky man…
I’m stable and wealthy

FCT – King of Pentacles Spread


You can save this image with the card titles if you’d like

This spread would be suitable for readings regarding finances, a Querent’s business or career, how their finances affect their family, or a general reading regarding stability.

Card 1.   Your Attitudes about money and material possessions
Card 2.   Past influences that shaped these attitudes
Card 3.   Opportunities to make more money
Card 4.   What will help or hinder you (regarding the opportunity in #3)
Card 5.   How can you be more charitable or generous
Card 6.   What grounds you
Card 7.   What can you do to be healthier
Card 8.   Current family dynamic
Card 9.   How to establish a stable and secure future
Card 10. What’s beyond or out of your control

Before shuffling your Tarot deck, take the King of Pentacles and place it at the top. This will act as a significator card. Then shuffle and draw the cards the way you normally do.

The pyramid represents what’s important to this King.

  • The bottom level represents your finances, security
  • The middle level represents you mentally and physically
  • The top level represents your family and your future

Card 10 is off to the side, absent of the pyramid’s build. This represents something that is out of your control, which is difficult for a ‘King of Pentacles’ type to handle.

A slideshow of the King of Pentacles/Coins from 30 different decks

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Pentacles are associated with the element Earth:
The body – I Possess/Physical

Also known as: Coins, discs, spheres, stones, or diamonds.

Pentacles Keywords: Materials things, money, resources, stability, work for physical reward, health, finances, practicality, being grounded.

Astrological Correspondences – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn  (Earth signs)


Kings are the rulers and the masters of their suit. They’re mature, their focus is outward and their energy is masculine (yang) and active. They represent archetypal father energy (Emperor), authority, status, leadership, order, judgement, and control. They are the planners, the movers and shakers, thinkers, and communicators; they strategize and they deal with conflict (I associate the Kings with the element Air).

Note: None of the court cards are bound by gender.

King Correspondences:

Kabbalah Tree of Life: Sephirah – Chokmah
are associated with the Fixed Modalities
King of Pentacles is the fixed sign Taurus.

Note: The Golden Dawn approaches the courts differently:

Kings are associated with Mutable signs (i.e.Thoth Knights)
King of Pentacles includes two signs (20°each): Virgo and Leo

Kings in a reading:

When Kings show up in a reading they may represent you, someone else, or perhaps the reading is urging you to mirror the king’s qualities in general or with the matter at hand.

The Court cards can represent any of the following:

  • actual people; it can be the Querent themselves or someone else involved
  • personality traits/characteristics
  • influential or aspirational energies (inner potential)
  • roles we play
  • a situation or an event
  • a message or news (usually the Pages and at times the Knights)
  • a conquest or desire (usually the Knights)

King of Pentacles keywords/phrases:

A natural born leader and a provider, practical, down-to-earth, a motivator, success through perseverance, disciplined in finances/career, secure, grounded, practical and productive, confident, a patient hard worker, enjoys the finer things, likes to spend his money but will also save and invest, generous, charitable, honest, reliable, loyal and devoted friend or spouse, a family man, loves the outdoors,  lover of nature and animals, likes to cook, garden, using his hands.

Click here to see a complete and comprehensive analysis of this card. This post will open in another window so you will not lose your spot in the hop.


Thank you for visiting Falcon Cloak Tarot and reading about the King of Pentacles.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this blog hop!

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The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and artist Elisabeth Alba © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Photo of the fine looking man is found here: it’s from a modeling agency.

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