Weekly Tarot Reading – June 26, 2017

Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of June 26, 2017

Queen of Cups, Ten of Wands, & Wheel of Fortune

Queen of Cups
click here for an in-depth analysis (this week’s card).

The Queen of Cups suggested you pay close attention to your intuition this week and let it guide you. If you are this Queen, you may find yourself needing to help someone who’s struggling or who’s experiencing something difficult. They’ll need your compassion, empathy, and a shoulder to cry on. You’re a nurturer and a healer and a kind-hearted person. Be a great listener but counsel them honestly as well.

Or, perhaps you’ll be the one in need of compassion.

Another possibility is your imagination may run wild this week and you are feeling creative and artistic. If you’re a poet, writer, or artist, this may be a very productive week for you.

Ten of Wands  –

The Ten of Wands signifies a need to accept or ask for help this week, delegate some responsibilities to others, and relieve some of the burden from you and hopefully this will relieve some of your fatigue. You have so much to do or so much going on, that you don’t even have a minute to yourself. This week, try to say ‘no’ when someone’s asks you to do something or to do a favor. Be selfish and take some time for yourself. Go the spa, get a massage or get your nails done or lock yourself in the bathroom and take a long hot bath. Whatever it is, take some time to be alone, relax, and unwind.

Another aspect of the this card, is a completion of a goal. However, with success comes more responsibilities.

Wheel of Fortune –

The Wheel of Fortune heralds a change in a cycle and one for the better. As the wheel spins and spins throughout our life we experience ups and downs, rising and falling. The constant movement of the Universe intervenes yielding endings and beginning and we must accept that change is inevitable.

It also reminds us that when you feel down on your luck, it won’t last forever and at times there’s a silver lining. This silver lining can involve wisdom and experience that allows us to appreciate the good in our lives.


One card is from the Major Arcana and two cards are from the Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana aka Trumps represent well-known archetypal energies, stages of development, life lessons and/or milestones, many of us experience throughout our lives. They hold more weight than the Minor cards in a reading, because they are associated with pivotal events that permeate our lives and because they are not flexible by nature. The Majors act as signposts on the road of life and it’s our choice with path to take.

The Minor Arcana which represent our day-to-day lives; our ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.

Suits: 1 Cups, 1 Wand, 0 Swords or Pentacles.

Numbers: Two 10s – Queens can be 0, 13 (reduced to 4) or 2s (Tree of Life)

2 out of 3 cards is a 10 representing a focus on something coming to an end.


In this reading, the Ten of Wands is the central problem.¹

The Queen of Cups and the woman in the Wheel of Fortune are both facing the exhausted man in the Ten of Wands looking straight at us (although his body is slightly turned toward the Queen).  The Queen of Cups would like to progress toward the Wheel of Fortune, hoping for a change with her luck however, she must figure out a way to relieve herself of the weight of the wands that are literally wearing her down.




We have two cards representing endings of something.

The Ten of Wands accompanied by the Wheel of Fortune absolutely indicates a period of success and completion. You may be a business owner or working on a project and you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, with one level of attainment comes the next level and more hard work. You must learn to delegate responsibilities and accept that you cannot do this alone other wise you’ll burn yourself out.

The Queen of Cups suggests you are the one who needs nurturing and care. Like I proposed earlier, pamper yourself in some way that will relax you and renew your energy. As the directionality implies, if you, the Queen, do not relieve the pressure you’re under in the Ten, you may not achieve the good fortune the Wheel has to offer. Further, listen to your intuition and let it guide you through this.

Have a great week!


  1. Robert M. Place, The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, pg. 279

The Tarot cards used in this reading are from the Tarot by Alexander Daniloff 2012, 3rd Edition used by permission. You can see the deck here and his Facebook Page here.

Click here to see my review of this beautiful deck.

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