New Moon Reading – June 23, 2017

Tonight a New Moon phase begins. I enjoy doing readings during the New Moon because it symbolizes a new cycle and it’s a great time to gain insight and receive guidance for the next month ahead or approximately 29.5 days.

For this reading I used the stunning Tarot of the Vampyres.

FCT New Moon Spread

For this New Moon Reading, I used the variation I offer for this spread. I separated the Majors and all the suits for the first five positions. You can see this spread and a description of each position here.

  1. Majors only
  2. Wands only
  3. Cups only
  4. Swords only
  5. Pentacles only

And then for the rest of the cards, I shuffled the full deck together seven times (mathematically the number to assure they are indeed mixed up) and then drew the rest.

These are the cards I drew:

  1. Lesson/Energies:   The Moon
  2. My Passions/Desires:   Ten of Scepters
  3. My Emotional State:   Ten of Grails
  4. My Mental State:   Prince of Knives (Knight)
  5. My Physical State/Resources:  Five of Skulls
  6. What Will be Revealed:  Temperance
  7. Underlying Influences:  Ace of Skulls
  8. What is Illuminated:  Three of Skulls
  9. What Needs to be Released:  Eight of Scepters
  10. Advice/Message:  Daughter of Grails (Page)

To read more about my FCT New Moon spread click here.

Lesson/Energies: The Moon

IMG_2704The Moon advises you to trust and rely on your intuition; allow it to guide you throughout the next month. The mysteries of the night come out in the Moon card, so be wary that things are not as they appear and that elusive energies may be at work. In addition, take this time to look within at any repressed weaknesses in the unconscious; your shadow self. One way to unlock these imperfections, which we all have, is to analyze and interpret your dreams. As a result, or due to the Moon, you may experience a flux of emotions.

My Passions/Desires/Career: Ten of Scepters (Wands)

IMG_2693The Ten of Scepters suggests you may be bogged down with responsibilities and they may become a burden, leaving you feel worn out. Learn to say ‘no’ once and a while and take some time for yourself, even if it’s a brief moment. Further, ask for help or accept it when it’s offered. This is not a negative quality. The most successful leaders know how to delegate tasks to others. Another aspect is, a project or goal is nearing completion. You may be exhausted but, you did it!

My Emotional State: Ten of Grails (Cups)

IMG_2694The Ten of Grails indicates a month filled with family affairs, hanging out with friends, and enjoying their company. You may feel content and fulfilled in your marriage or romantic relationship (if this applies), happy with your family and friends and emotionally as a whole. You may feel inspired and may find your creativity is as at an all time high. This is one of the most positive cards in the deck and a welcome card in this position.

My Mental State: Prince of Knives (Knight of Swords)

IMG_2695The Prince of Knives is an intelligent, curious soul. He represents expansion, discovery, and exploration. However, when the Prince of Knives gets an idea or a thought in his head, he charges straight for it without thinking or planning, acting impetuous and impatient. By doing this, he may lack the foundation needed to support these ideas. Look out for these traits this month, especially if you are expanding your ideas.

My Physical State/Resources: Five of Skulls (Pentacles)


The Five of Skulls suggests you may experience some instability this month. This may be due to a financial loss, problems at work, or even losing your job, or having difficulties with resources. This may cause anxiety or a loss in energy as well. This is another cards advising you to accept help and support to get you through this temporary period.

What Will be Revealed: Temperance

IMG_2692The Temperance cards will reveal a path to moderation, balance, and harmonizing of opposites. Temperance teaches you to stay in the middle, avoiding extremes on either side; to stay composed and tolerant of your surroundings. To embrace moderation, to be patient and calm. Through this you may feel an inner balance, a sense of tranquility, and spiritually healing.

Underlying Influences: Ace of Skulls

IMG_2697The Ace of Skulls heralds good fortune in the material world; a gain in finances through an inheritance or a gift, a reward, investments, or a new opportunity such as a business venture or, a promotion or raise. This can include opportunities to begin working towards your goals and full potential. In addition, the Earth suit involves health and energy so this can indicate a feeling of new energy and a state of well-being.

What is Illuminated: Three of Skulls

IMG_2698The Three of Skulls illuminates a period of initial success as a result of the planning and strategy you put forth in the two. This is encouraging and proves you are on the right path. If you continue persevering with determination, you can achieving your goal(s) This card also advises the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Listening to other people’s ideas, views, and experiences, and learning from each other.

What Needs to be Released: Eight of Scepters

IMG_2699The Eight of Scepters is an exciting card that indicates a time of great energy and movement, quickly propelling you towards your goals; a time when you have the ability to set things into motion. However, with so much energy, your mind can be overloaded. You may be enthusiastic about so many ideas, that you’re not sure where to expend your energy and as a result, you can burn yourself out.

Advice/Message: Daughter of Grails (Page)

IMG_2700The Daughter of Grails’ message is newness is in the air; this can be a new relationship, a new creative opportunity, or something that will be emotional. The Pages are the messengers and students of the deck and the Grails deals with emotions, love, relationships, family, and friends. She may herald news of an engagement or perhaps a pregnancy or a baby being born. She is also advising you to listen to your creative spirit as well as well as your heart throughout the month which makes sense being there’s a lack of Knives/Swords.


Regarding Majors/Suits – I will not include the first five cards because they were purposely drawn from the Majors and the suits. I’ll only include the last five cards.

1 Major; 1 Wands; 1 Cup;  2 Pentacles. 0 Swords

The month will be fairly balanced however, it may focus a little more on your finances, resources, and stability. While there’s a lack swords therefore, you may be in need of clearer thinking, logic, and communication.

Numbers – two 10s, one Ace, 3, 5, 8; Page, Knight

  • Tens – Completion, endings and beginnings, finality, renewal, mastery, transition, reaching a higher level.
  • Page and Ace – similar regarding beginnings.

What’s interesting is you have a Ten of Grails and a Daughter of Grails, indicating a possible completion regarding love, family, relationships or a creative goal and then a new start – possibly a baby, or perhaps an ending of one relationship and the beginning of another.


We begin the overall lesson/energy of the month with The Moon card. The Moon as well as Temperance is a Major Arcana card aka Trumps which represent well-known archetypal energies, stages of development, life lessons and/or milestones we commonly experience throughout our lives. They hold more weight than the Minor cards in a reading because they involve growth and self-discovery and are associated with pivotal events that permeate our lives.  In addition, they don’t have the flexibility the Minors offer; instead they are fixed. The Majors act as signposts on the road of life and it’s our choice which path to take, but we should heed their message.

The Moon advises this is a good time to do shadow work and to be wary of outside forces like manipulation, deception, and deceit. Use your intuition to guide you through this. The Temperance card will reveal a way to moderate between extremes and bring forth balance in your life. Both of these cards are trying to guide in the right direction.

Your ambitions are strong in the Ten of Scepters however, you should delegate some responsibilities to free up some time, so you don’t burn out. Further, it suggest you may soon achieve your goal. Emotionally you are fulfilled, mentally you’re intelligent and full of ideas, but you need to be patient and don’t rush in. Financially, you may experience a loss and this may affect your energy level. But this card, just as the Ten of Scepters advises you to accept the support and help from others.

The Ace of Skulls as underlying influence, indicates a possible turn around after the Five of Skulls and the Three of Skulls may be the result. This turn around and initial success may inspire and enthuse you, which a good thing but, the Eight of Scepters warns of too much built up energy and that you should release some so you can stay focused instead. This is all wrapped up with the Daughter of Grails’ overall message that you may be on the cusp of something new emotionally. This will no doubt be connected to your shadow work and introspection coming full circle with the Moon.

I hope you have a great month!

Tarot of the Vampyres by Ian Daniels © 2010 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Please Note: I tried taking photographs of the card images, however they looked terrible. So instead I used their app to take screenshots. However, the actual deck does look different; it’s darker and the border around the title is different – it’s much prettier.


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