FCT – The Windswept Spread

cute kid in the wind

Windswespt Spread

Hello Tarot Sisters and Brothers,

I like to have spreads on hand for the Querent who’s not sure what to ask or who’s looking for a general reading. So, I created this spread based on different types of wind and how that wind affects us.

It’s suitable for general readings to give insight or overall guidance. However, it can easily be used to offer insight into someone’s career or their relationship; really any topic.

It can also be used as a weekly or monthly reading.


Card 1. Sea Breeze – Unconscious desires:

A sea breeze can awaken the senses. This card is meant to awaken those desires or goals that you are not aware of because they’re hiding in your unconscious mind.

Card 2. Sandstorm– What’s stirring around you

Sandstorms kick up the sand of the desert and it can really sting the skin. This card represents a situation or feelings that are being stimulated or roused that may be unpleasant. They’re building but have not yet surfaced.

Card 3. Gust – What’s coming in hard and fast

Just like a gust of wind, this card indicates what’s coming towards you hard and fast.

Card 4. Crosswind – What is crossing you

A crosswind is any wind that has a perpendicular component to the line or direction of travel. This card represents what may be crossing you, or opposing you. It can point to a problem, challenge, or obstacle. It can also representthe cause or the solution. Whatever it is, it can be internal or external.

Please note: If you  decide to use a Significator Card, you would place it beneath this card and turn this card sideways so it crosses it.

Card 5. Twister – What will support/ground you*

During a Twister, you will need to ground yourself to be safe. This card represents what grounds you in your life or who supports you and has your back.

Card 6. Dust Devil – What’s being kicked up

Dust devils are tall whirlwinds and are sometimes compared to tornadoes. This card suggests something from the past or something that was thought to have been dealt with may be kicked up again. This can indicate emotions, situations, or even people.

Card 7. Zephyr – What brings you comfort

A zephyr is any prevailing warm and gentle westerly breeze so this card represents what brings you comfort. What or who makes you feel at ease and make you feel warm and safe.


Feel free to use this spread for your readings, both personal and professional.
But if you do use it, I’d appreciate you giving me/my blog proper credit.
I hope it serves you well.
Thank you.

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 Note: I wish I could give proper credit to this fantastic photo. However, I found it while searching and it was being used by Ecomerchant and they did not say who shot it. I do apologize.

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