Weekend Reading – June 17 and 18, 2017

Weekend Reading for June 17 and 18, 2017

I drew a card from Ravynne Phelan’s Messenger Oracle to set the focus for the reading and then drew two Tarot cards from the Universal Tarot to complete the reading.

Focus of the reading: #43 Stay Strong

Messenger Oracle 43This is the excerpt straight from the booklet – Life will present you with many trials. Life will bring you times of joy, but also times of suffering; like the weather, it can be unpredictable, harsh and cruel. But you can endure all that comes. Know when to resist, and know when to let go. Know that sometimes you will lose, but that loss can make you stronger at the core. Stay strong. With hope and faith, you can endure all.


Tarot Cards: Seven of Wands & The Lovers

Seven of Wands

7ofWandsThe Seven Wands represents standing up for yourself, defending yourself and beliefs, and standing your ground.

Sometimes we’re challenged or a conflict presents itself putting us in the position where we feel it’s necessary to speak up to defend ourselves or possibly someone else we care about; this can also included standing up for your beliefs.

Another aspect of this card, is needing to maintain your current position. With success and achievement, comes competition which is not always a bad thing. It can push you to strive to be the best and to keep that competitive edge.

The Lovers

The loversThe Lovers card is a complex card. It represents a union of opposites, harmony, duality and yes a union, but more so it’s about making an important choice, one that may have long term consequences.

Just as Eve made the choice to eat the apple, you will have to make your choice and this may or may not involve a relationship; one of many different types, not necessarily a romantic relationship. Regardless, as I stated this decision can bring about significant change and may even be long-term. You are at crossroads and much thought should go into this decision which path to take.

Another possibility is, there may be a situation that needs a renewed balance and harmony.

Note: this is a Major Arcana card and is the most important card in this reading because the Majors are associated with pivotal events that permeate our lives. They act as signposts on the road of life and it’s our choice with path to take.



The message of this weekend’s reading is quite clear.

The focus of this reading is to stay strong through this tough, challenging time. As the card’s booklet says, you need to know when to resist and when to let go. The Lovers card (which hold the most weight in this reading) confirms you are indeed standing at this crossroads and will need to decide how to handle this situation. It also advises you to make this decision with care and to understand that your actions most likely will have consequences.

The Seven of Wands is suggesting for you to resist and stand up for yourself.  In fact, it implies that if you don’t, it may end up eating at you inside. Therefore, I believe both of these Tarot cards, in their own way, are guiding you to take on whatever or whomever is causing you distress. But, how you handle this will make all the difference. Strive for the path that will renew the balance and harmony the best.

If this resonates with you, I do wish you the best.

The Messenger Oracle – artwork by Ravynne Phelan www.ravynnephelan.com

The Tarot cards used in the reading are from the Universal Waite Tarot Pocket Edition used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902.  c. U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Rider-Waite is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems.

A personal note:
This week was a roller coaster for me. The week began with a 10 of Swords kind of day leaving me shocked and dismayed. But by Wednesday, I had Alexander Daniloff sharing my review of his 2012 3rd Edition deck to his Facebook page along with some lovely words/compliments. I must say, I was quite honored and proud and it was the lift I needed. Nevertheless, the initial challenge is still following me because I still am not sure how to proceed in an appropriate way. While I have already let this go, there are also some things I must take care of which involve defending myself.

So I wasn’t surprised by the cards I drew for this weekend’s reading – my energies definitely had an effect. This is how truly amazing the Tarot and Oracle cards can be.

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