Weekly Tarot Reading – June 5, 2017

Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of June 5, 2017

Ten of Pentacles, Two of Wands, & Seven of Wands

Ten of Pentacles
click here for an in-depth analysis (this week’s card).

This week you may find that everything is finally coming together despite obstacles or setbacks and the result is financial security. Your family is stable, you’re financial situation is stable, and now you’re hoping to maintain the status quo. You can do that by savings all you can, avoiding debt, and investing properly.

Another possibility, is you’re considering the future. You’ve worked hard your whole life to make sure your children had a roof over their head, that they were safe and secure. Now is the time to relax and feel good about what you’ve passed down to your children – values, wisdom, and perhaps financial stability.

Two of Wands  –

The Two of Wands suggest you are inspired and enthusiastic about a vision, concept, or a goal. You are now in the planning stages of this vision and all that goes with it in order to progress and put this idea into action. This may involve  strategizing, collaborating, partnering, or networking, seeking funding, etc.

Seven of Wands  –

With the Seven of Wands you may find yourself having to stand your ground or maintain your position while facing challenges or competition. Once you find success, you must fight to maintain your position while fending off competition.

Or, you may unfortunately be put in a position to defend and protect yourself.  This could be an internal struggle or you may be forced to speak your mind and make a stand. This may be for yourself or a loved one.


All three cards are from the Minor Arcana which represent our day-to-day lives; our ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.

Suits: 2 Wands, 1 Pentacles, 0 Cups, Swords, Majors and Courts

The Wands are associated with the element Fire:
The Spirit or Soul– I Desire/Action

Wands Keywords: Action, enthusiasm, energy, ideas, the first spark, initiative, adventure, inspiration, expansion, creativity, career, hobbies, sports, art etc. All things you are deeply passionate about and acting upon them.


The Pentacles are associated with the Earth:
The body – I Possess/Physical

Pentacles Keywords: Materials things, money, resources, stability, work for physical reward, health, finances, practicality, being grounded.


This week you may be dealing more with issues involving career, goal, and creativity, along with issues related to money or security and less (or not at all) regarding emotions/relationships or mental clarity/intellect.


In this reading, the central card is a making a choice.¹

The merchant in the Two of Wands is looking directly at the family in the Ten of Pentacles. This is what his goal is. He is hoping for a smooth ride to the finish line without the challenges, obstacles, or competition he’d experience in the Seven of Wands. Can you blame him?

Weekly Reading 6_5_17directionality


For those of you who are new to the Tarot, every once and a while a Tarot reading may leave you perplexed and this could be one them. These cards are all over the place as far as stages of development. So let’s try to make some sense of it.

The Ten of Pentacles suggests you’re accomplished and successful and will presently (or sometime in the future) find financial stability through this success. However, the Seven of Wands indicates you may find yourself dealing with competition that may challenge you to maintain this prosperous position or you may be forced to defend yourself or one of your family members.

The Two of Wands suggests a stage of planning and perhaps this could be pointing to the planning the Ten of Pentacles represents regarding your future, making certain you’ll be able to leave your family financially secure especially if something should happen to you. As I stated above, you can do this by investing properly, taking care of your current debt, watch how you’re saving, and ensuring your lifestyle isn’t over the top. Being the Two of Wands include collaborating, this could include working with an investment firm, sitting down with your spouse to plan your budget and discuss what material things are and are not necessary and looking into your employer’s 401K plan. Do all that you can to ensure your future as well as your children’s.

Have a great week!


  1. Robert M. Place, The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, pg. 275

The cards used in this reading is from the Tarot Illuminati by author and/or Erik C. Dunne © 2013 Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino, Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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