FCT New Moon Spread

This is a spread I created to use during a New Moon.

I like doing readings during a New Moon because it represents new cycles and new beginnings and thus it’s a great time to gain insight and guidance for the next 29.5 days (approximately).

FCT New Moon Spread.png


Cards 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5:

With the first five cards, this spread gives you an overall look at how you may be feeling spiritually/creatively, emotionally, mentally, and physically along with an overall lesson or energy of the month.

Card 6:

When a new moon occurs, the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun blocking its light therefore, the sun is unable to illuminate the side of the moon that is visible to us. This is why I chose to call this – ‘what will be revealed’ during this next month.

Card 7:

Then as the moon’s illumination grows and reaches its first quarter, we begin to learn what underlying influences could be manifesting that are affecting the circumstances in cards 1 – 6 during this period.

Card 8:

When a full moon occurs, it is the opposite of the new moon. The earth, sun and moon are aligned but the now the moon is on the opposite side and is fully illuminated by the sun and we begin to also see what is being ‘illuminated’ in our life giving us clarity.

Card 9:

During the next moon phase, the third quarter, the sun’s light is waning and this is when we learn what we need to wane (lessen) or release from our life.

Card 10:

The spread ends with a general message or advice regarding the full reading and all its aspects.



For the first five cards, you can separate the Majors and the suits and draw one card from each as follow:

Card 1. Majors only – Lesson/Energies
Card 2. Wands only – My Passions/Desire or Creative World
Card 3. Cups only – My Emotional State
Card 4. Swords only – My Mental State
Card 5. Pentacles only – My Physical State/Resources


Feel free to use this spread for your readings, both personal and professional. But if you do use it, I’d appreciate you giving me/my blog credit. Thank you.



I use an app to send an alarm to let me know when a new moon phase is beginning.

Both of these are IOS/Apple apps:

I use LunaSolCal which allows me to enter my town and set an alarm for any moon phase.

I also use Deluxe Moon HD (Sergey Vdovenko). This app is stunning! If you also use astrology, this app will tell which sign each phase is currently in, animated Zodiac circles, gardening advice, sunset and sunrise times, and so much more. It really is a great app.

I hope this spread works as well for you as it does for me. Enjoy!

To see this spread used in a reading, click here and with the variation click here.

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