New Moon Reading – May 25, 2017

This afternoon a New Moon phase began. I enjoy doing readings during the New Moon because it symbolizes a new cycle and it’s a great time to gain insight and receive guidance for the next month ahead or approximately 29.5 days.

FCT New Moon Spread

Cards drawn:

  1. Lesson/Energies: Nine of Pentacles
  2. My Passions/Desires: The Tower
  3. My Emotional State: The Star
  4. My Mental State: Nine of Swords
  5. My Physical State/Resources: Hanged Man
  6. What Will be Revealed: Wheel of Fortune
  7. Underlying Influences: Two of Pentacles
  8. What is Illuminated: Three of Wands
  9. What Needs to be Released : Four of Cups
  10. Advice/Message: Four of Wands

To read more about my FCT New Moon spread and a variation, click here.

Lesson/Energies: Nine of Pentacles

The energy of this month is all about enjoying the fruits of your labor. The Nine of Pentacles suggests your hard work and efforts are about to pay off. You’re going to be financially independent, secure, and stable. Take this time to pamper yourself or do what ever make you feel luxurious and content.

My Passions/Desires: The Tower

towerThe Tower suggests your passions and desire, or possibly your career will go through a drastic change this month. The Tower represents the break down of foundations therefore, the blocks you began to set up for a project or goal you were working towards may not be holding as strong as you thought or, your job may not be as secure. You may have to start over and change your path or direction, which may be for the better.

My Emotional State: The Star

The Star card immediately proceeds the Tower and brings about the healing and calm needed after the challenges of the Tower. During this cycle you may have a feeling of hope, renewed faith, and feel inspired again. You’ll feel reconnected to your dreams, goals, and wishes.

My Mental State: Nine of Swords

The Swords is associated with the Mind so this card seems to be even more important. This month you may find yourself worrying and feeling stressed, so much so that it may cause you to lose sleep. This struggle could be causing you anxiety and rattling your nerves. Try to calm your thoughts and not to over think things.

My Physical State/Resources: Hanged Man

hangmanSometimes we must surrender ourselves to a situation and just let go. The Hanged Man may leave you feeling frustrated by delays but it’s out of your hands.  The Hanged Man, hanging upside down, is stuck but can see things from a different perspective. Considering your resources, this may be a time to put your investments or spending on hold. You may need to readjust your budget or if you have an IRA or Stock/Bonds, you may want another opinion on where you should invest your money.

Another aspect of this card is a spiritual viewpoint, faith, and devotion. Physically this may a good time to try to be more spiritual such as meditating or taking up yoga.

What Will be Revealed: Wheel of Fortune

wheelWe experience ups and downs in our life and the Wheel of Fortune asks us to accept these ups and downs and trust in the universe that everything, good and bad, happens for a reason. However, we have the ability to change our path. Yes, you should accept that these struggles may occur but you do not have to stand by and watch it happen. You can become an active participant and try to change the trajectory and just how to go about is what may be revealed.

Underlying Influences: Two of Pentacles

2ofPThe Two of Pentacles represent growth and the responsibilities that come with it. Things in your life are expanding and you may be feeling likes things are getting out of control. In order to keep everything in balance, you’ll need to learn how to juggle these responsibilities by multi-tasking, delegating, possibly asking for help, or maybe even learning to say ‘no’ when necessary. It may be a difficult balancing act but, it can be done.

What is Illuminated: Three of Wands

The Sun and the Moon are perfectly aligned shining light on the side of the moon facing us. The Three of Wands is illuminating your initial success, suggesting that you’re establishing yourself and opportunities are coming your way. People have seen what you have to offer and they want more. You have potential and a vision, and you are going to go far.

What Needs to be Released: Four of Cups

You may be feelings so low or pessimistic that you can miss an opportunity or something positive even what it’s staring you right in the face. The other cards in the reading such as the Three of Wands, indicating you have much to look forward to and the Hanged Man, suggesting to look at things with a different perspective; which happens to be an aspect of this card as well.

Advice/Message: Four of Wands

The overall message for this month is that you feel content and have a stable home life; you have the love and support needed to succeed in life. In addition, you may reach a milestone or have an achievement to celebrate. This achievement is making you feel proud and strong as well you should.


4 Majors; 2 Wands; 1 Cup; 1 Sword; 2 Pentacles

The month may focus on your desires, goals, or career and your finances and resources a little more than your relationships and clarity or challenges.

Numbers – two 4s, two 7s, two 9s – 2, 3, 8, 10 (or 1)

  • Fours – Stability, status-quo, order, stagnation, slow progress, building, foundation.
  • Sevens – Challenges, contemplation, analysis, observation, reevaluating, soul-searching.
  • Nines – Ripeness, attainment, conclusion, transformation, abundance, integration.

This month you may experience slow progress (fours) but progress all the same in the nines and some obstacles in the sevens and it may be a good time for some introspection.

Sequences: 2, 3, 4 and 7, 8, 9, 10

The 2, 3, and 4 points to early stages of development and 7, 8, 9, and 10 points to later developments. So it’s pretty balanced.


The Nine of Pentacles sets the theme of this month which suggests you will have much to be proud of. You’re successful enough that you are financially independent, secure, and stable. But the Tower implies you may experience a sudden drastic change in your career or in the foundation you have built such as collaborative connections or partnership, may crumble. However, along comes the Star card bringing hope of a better day. This change may be for the better but it the meantime it’s causing you to feel stuck (Hanged Man) and feeling worried and stressed (9S).

The Wheel comes along and may show you a way out of this mess so be aware of this opportunity and the Two of Pentacles along with the Three of Wands suggests just that. You will be able to create new partnerships and you’ll find yourself with even more responsibilities than before but you’ll need to learn how to juggle all of it without dropping the ball. However, the Four of Cups suggests you may miss an opportunity that’s right in front of you or that you’re still not feeling completely optimistic and the effects from the Tower still have you concerned.

We end this reading with the Four of Wands, a card of achievements, celebration, and support. Through the toughs times this month, you’ll have a great support system there by your side and you may find that you’re celebrating a major achievement or a milestone this month.

You do have four Major Arcana cards this month suggesting you will experience some changes or feelings in you life that you can’t stop from happening but as the Wheel says, you can learn how to act upon them and how you act can change the direction.

As the wheel of our life constantly spins, you may experiences an even balance of ups and downs this month. However, in this reading, the down times can be addressed and an eventual transition can be for the better.

Note: this summary has been revised.

The Tarot card used in the image is from the Universal Waite Tarot (pocket version) used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902.  c. U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Rider-Waite is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems.

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