Weekly Tarot Card – Judgement

This week’s card to study is XX Judgement.

Judgement XX


Card Description:

In the Mystical Tarot, we see an angel, hovering amongst dark cloudy sky yet his light creates a bright glow around him. It seems to be the Christian depiction of the archangel Gabriel blowing his horn resurrecting the dead. The souls of the dead hear the call, rise from their coffins, and stand up with their arms open and wide, appealing to him and showing that they’re ready to be judged.

Rider-Waite Smith Judgement for comparison:



This is our 10th week, 10th card, and first Major Arcana!

Major Arcana aka Trumps represent well-known archetypal energies, stages of development, life lessons and/or milestones we commonly experience throughout our lives. They hold more weight than the Minor cards in a reading because they involve growth and self-discovery and are associated with pivotal events that permeate our lives.  The Majors act as signposts on the road of life and it’s our choice which path to take.


Esoteric Title: The Spirit of Primal Fire

Alternate Names: The Last Judgment, The Angel, Le Jugement (TdM), L’Ange, La Trompete, Aeon (Thoth)


Hebrew Letter: Shin; 21st letter (maternal letter)

Meaning: Tooth

Tree of Life Pathway: 31st between Malkuth and Hod (#21 out of 22 pathways)

To see the Tree of Life click here.

Archetypal Energy: The Last Judgement, Resurrection, the rescuer

Mythological: The Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Astrological/Planetary: Pluto (modern) Saturn (Golden Dawn)

Element: Fire* and Spirit

Numerological: XX/20 reduced 2 + 0 = 2

Please Note
: some of these correspondences can differ, especially the astrological and elemental associations, excluding the Kabbalah.

*I personally prefer to attribute all of the Major Arcana to the element Spirit.

Twos –

number 2The Two is the pair. While the number one is male, number two is female; the yin.  The one is the seed/idea, the two is the planning and development.  In the twos, a choice, decision, crossroads, or a needed confirmation, is presented to the seeker. It may be a dilemma, or a chosen path, or deciding to say “yes” or “no”.
Keywords: partnering, union, balance, choices, duality, decisions, connecting, planning, opposing forces.

Related Cards: The High Priestess, Justice (as Xl), and all the Twos in each suit.

Card Keywords:

Hearing the call, an awakening, self-evaluation, absolution, forgiving yourself, moving on, a rite of passage/milestone, wake up call, release and renewal, rebirth, realization, absolution, atonement, reward, blessing, guidance, change, decision, forgiveness, judgement; judging or being judged.


  • Nude Bodies- they are returning to their innocence like Adam and Eve in Paradise representing their openness and honesty.
  • Dead Rising – rebirth
  • Body of Water (RWS) – purification, cleansing, and healing


Judgement can be an intricate card. While it can involve judging or being judged, it goes much deeper than that. Judgement represents a birth of consciousness and letting go of old ways so you can be open to new possibilities.

The Judgment card is about rebirth, resurrection, forgiveness, and healing. This card suggests you may have been hurt in the past and have never dealt with it fully. If we have wounds that we never allow to heal, whether it’s been something we did, or it’s something that was done to us, it will leave a part of you stranded in the past. This emotion could be so raw, as if it happened yesterday. We must forgive in order to heal and move forward whether it be forgiving someone else or forgiving ourselves. If we constantly resurrect the past, this will also hinder us and keep us there. In addition, Judgment is calling for a period of introspection and reflection.

Take some time to look inside yourself and reflect upon these past experiences. Not only must we atone for past mistakes and learn from them, but we must also find absolution. Let go of pain, guilt, and regret. This will allow you to heal and feel reborn. You may even have an awakening to a new direction in life; a rite of passage of sorts.

Another aspect of the Judgement card is being unexpectedly pulled in a new direction. Like the dead hearing the call, you may have a calling, but how will you answer? This could be a life-changing decision. You may need to rely on what you’ve learned from past experiences and your intuition, to assist you on this new path. Rely on your judgement.

: The Judgement card suggests you are hearing a call and you may be realizing you have a higher purpose. This could involve doing volunteer work or working for a cause. This call may put you on a new path.

Another possibility, is a co-worker/colleague has hurt you or vice versa, and it may be interfering with your work. Take this time to look back on the circumstances and try to let go; this may involve speaking to that person and hashing it out. Some people spend more time with their co-workers than their loved ones, so a cohesive relationship is important for success.


If you are looking for a job, Judgement preceding the World card, implies you are nearing the end of your search and you may soon land that job.

Romance: You and your partner may experience a spiritual awakening and finding a higher purpose together. This may include getting involved religiously, or begin meditating together, and/or learning things such as mindfulness.

Or… this could be happening just to you and it may cause some friction if your partner does not share the same feeling. We all experience rite of passages at different times in our life.


If you are looking for love, this may be a good time to take a break and reflect on past relationships. If old wounds are still open and fresh, you will not be able to move forward because you’re not completely free of the past and thus you cannot be completely open to a new love. Those wounds need to close and heal and when that happens, your true self, renewed and reborn, will be open and your heart will be open too.

Questions to ask

  • Are you holding a grudge?
  • What are you feeling called to do at this time? Am I answering the call?


“I can have peace of mind only when I forgive rather than judge.”
~ Gerald Jampolsky

lease Note:
This is my interpretation of this card. It may differ from other Tarotists, and yours as well, and that’s okay. Please work to create your own card meanings; learning the Tarot is not about memorizing.

In addition, remember nuances of the interpretation may differ depending on the Querent’s question, the spread, the surrounding cards, and what your intuition may be telling you at the time.

The Mystical Tarot by Giuliano Costa © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Rider-Waite used with permission of U. S. Games System, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. U. S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Rider-Waite is a registered trademark of U. S. Games Systems.



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