Weekend Reading May 13 -14, 2017 Happy Mother’s Day!

First, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all. It’s a day for all to celebrate your own mother and if you have children, for you to be celebrated.

I’m adopted and I am so lucky that my mother is my best friend (in addition to my hubby). She always made me feel special and I’ve never felt the need to find by biological mother. She always taught me to persevere, that failing is okay, to be myself, and she wanted me to spread my wings and fly. She never was the type to hold me back. She also allowed me to make my own mistakes without getting pushy and butting in. She would say her peace and at then end, she would tell me, it was my decision and she knew I would make the right one; so psychologically manipulative but it worked – most of the time. I admire my mother. She’s strong, compassionate, empathetic, and kind. She can be stubborn but hey, none of us are perfect. But to me, she is. Mom, I love you and thank you for being the best mom ever!

Okay, so here’s the reading. I must preface this by saying it may be difficult to believe, I absolutely drew this Rune and Tarot cards randomly*.  The Tarot never fails to surprise me, but this blew me away!

When I’m doing a general reading, without a specific question, I like to draw an Oracle card to set the tone, focus, or theme of the reading. This week I decided to use Elder Futhark Runes instead.

Rune – The Focus of the reading:

18. Berkano (or Berkanan)

18. Berkano means Birch Tree and is found under Tyr’s aett (third magical group), . Tyr was a war god, however he primarily ruled over law and justice.

Berkano represents feminine energy, birth, rebirth, renewal, maternal nurturing and love, creativity, intuition, new beginnings, personal growth, renewal, and being liberated.

Berkano is also associated with the birch goddess, an aspect of Mother Earth.¹
Tarot Associations: Magician, Empress²

Tarot Cards

Ace of Swords & The Empress

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords heralds a new beginning and suggests this may be good time to express and communicate any ideas, thoughts, and potential. Your ideas may be innovative and you may have a unique vision to share. This is time to think with your head and not with your heart. Be logical and rational.

This could also be a time for honesty. This could be a good time to clear the air and speak your truth with someone else, or maybe even find your own truth; be honest with yourself. With the Swords, come clarity. Ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself? Are you on the path you truly want to be? Does your identity reflect who you really are? This may be a good time to gain clarity regarding a new direction.

The Empress

The Empress is the archetypal mother or Mother Earth; the anima. She is the creator of life and  represents abundance in life and/or in nature. She represent fertility, nature, maternal or feminine energy, beauty, creativity, nurturing, and intuition

The Empress card is the universe acting as your mother caring for you, nurturing you, and supporting you and your potential. She brings abundance with her; riches, prosperity, wealth. These can mean different things to different people. Either way, she is here to help you manifest your dreams and attain your goals; give birth to your full potential. This is a time to trust in yourself and your instincts/intuition. Let it guide you.

In addition, the Empress card can literally mean a pregnancy or be speaking of children in your life.


Berkano sets off the theme of the reading with new beginnings, new growth, and rebirth. The Ace of Swords suggests you have some new ideas and this is a good time to express them or, that you may not have been true to yourself. The Empress is all about our potential and abundance, nature and beauty, and a possibly pregnancy.

The weekend, this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to express your thoughts to your mother, or about your mother, and to be open and honest. If you are having struggles, this would be a great time for a fresh start. In addition, celebrate her, or her memory, and any abundance in your life. And if there have been challenges, maybe it’s time to forgive, so you can move forward and feel renewed.

Another possibility is you have been thinking about having a baby and you may have been keeping this to yourself. This may be a good time to express your wishes to your significant other or to your family (especially if your single), your desire to have a child and become a mother. The Empress also offers support therefore, whichever your situation is, your dreams will be supported. And as the Ace suggest, you may be entering a period of new beginnings.


If we look at all these cards without considering the maternal aspect, this points to a possibility that you have been looking to change your life’s direction. This could possibly speak to your career, a relationship, your dreams or goals, et cetera. The Ace of Swords suggest you may not be living your truth and this is a good time to be honest with yourself and/or others. The Rune Berkano’s theme is personal growth and renewing yourself and liberation.

If this all sounds familiar, take this weekend to sit down and really look within. Maybe create a vision board or make a list of your goals you’d like to achieve. When you can visualize and see it on paper, it can all of a sudden seem real and attainable. You have the ability to reinvent yourself. The Empress will be there right by your side, gently nudging as a mother may do. Believe in yourself and trust in your instincts and act on your potential. Express your truth!

*By the way – Just to be clear, I always draw the cards randomly. That’s what an honest Tarot reader does. They let the universe pick the cards.


  1. Paul Rhys Mountfort, Nordic Runes: Understanding, Casting, and Interpreting the Ancient Viking Oracle, pg. 255
  2. Jennifer Halls, The Runes Workshop: A You Know.™ Intuition Workbook, pg. 48

The Tarot cards are from the Universal Waite Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Rider-Waite is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems.

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