Tinder for Court Cards 2

This is fun exercise to learn the personalities of the Court cards

You can find the directions how to play here.

I used the Lover’s Path Tarot and I drew:

Queen of Cups seeking Prince of Cups (Knight)

Q of cups and Prince of Cups

DWF – I’m a creative, mature woman looking for a younger man. I’m comfortable with who I am, unlike young immature girls; with age comes experience, in all areas of life.  I’m sensitive, compassionate, mysterious, and highly intuitive; I’ll know right away if I can trust you or not. I must admit my emotions can get the best of me. I can be moody and even manipulative, but I can be just as caring and nurturing and I will nurture you, as long as you nurture me right back <wink>. I’m good at sensing what others need.

I’m looking for a man who’s in touch with his feminine side, who’s ready to sweep me off my feet and romance me like no other. It would be wonderful to find a man who would read poetry to me, who’s passionate about life, and who is caring and empathetic towards others. I love culture and going to museums, Broadway shows, etc. and it’s a must  be nice to find someone who has the same interests. If you think you can be my ‘knight in shining armor’, contact me.

The Tarot cards used is from: The Lover’s Path Tarot © 2017 Kris Waldherr Art and Words. All rights reserved. http://www.kriswaldherr.com.

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