New Moon Reading – April 26, 2017

This morning, a New Moon phase began. I like to do a general reading during the New Moon because it symbolizes a new cycle and it’s a great time to gain insight and receive guidance.

New Moon Spread

New Moon, New Cycle Spread

Card 1. New Moon – Beginning
Card 2. 1st Quarter – Progress
Card 3. Full Moon – Manifestation
Card 4. 3rd Quarter – Reflection
Card 5. Completion -Lesson/Gift

Cards Drawn:

Four of Wands – Five of Wands – The Lovers – Knight of Wands – Ace of Wands

New Moon Reading 4_26_17

Four of Wands – Beginning

This new cycle may begin with a celebration, harmonious environment, or good news. This is the perfect to gather with loved ones and enjoy and appreciate each other’s company.

Five of Wands – Progress

You may find yourself feeling competitive and sometime this spirit can lend to progress by forcing you to be the best you can.

On the other hand, this may instead point to great brainstorming and teamwork. With a great team beside you, it’s easier to succeed. The saying is “two heads are better than one” and I believe three are better than two.

The Lovers – Manifestation

You may find yourself presented with a choice/dilemma. Both have pros and cons, but it’s up to you to choose. You must take some time to weigh your options; do not just take the easy path. However, this is a choice of the heart versus logic. This may represent taking the moral high ground and relying on your values and/or faith.

Another possibility is this may be a time of harmonizing opposites or bonding with  your significant other. You both have a strong emotional bond, great sexual chemistry, and you are stronger together.

Knight of Wands – Reflection

The Knight of Wands is fearless and loves adventure. He’s passionate and full of life, but can sometime be reckless. He can be unpredictable and impetuous.

This may represent a person you know or it may represent the qualities/energies within yourself.

Either way, during this cycle you should reflect on these positive and negative energies and how they affect you.

Ace of Wands – Lesson/Gift

The cycle will offer opportunities to explore new ideas, your creative spirit, your entrepreneurial spirit, et cetera;  your full potential. This suggests this is a time to be enthusiastic and to take action.

Your fired up and you should go for it! The world is your oyster.



4 Wands cards! I guess this month’s focus will be on action, enthusiasm, and desires: what you want. But, be cautious. Try not to emphasize on just work and your goals. This month may lack emotion, clarity, and practicality. So watch for this.

The Lovers is a Major card and carries the most weight. With all these Wands, the Lovers is a welcome card.


This new cycle may begin with enjoying the company of friends and family.

Sometimes competition can be very healthy and teamwork is essential to the growth and expansion of your project or business. However, you may find yourself being faced with an important decision; a dilemma. You choice may be representative of your values/morals. Trust in your romantic partner, or a close loved one, during this period.

You’re passionate and full of ideas but you can be impulsive.  The Ace of Wands confirms you are the Knight of Wands. Your ideas are your gifts and you love to pursue them and act. You have the potential to do whatever you want to do. But your carelessness and impatience could hurt you. Take some time to reflect on these traits and try to be more patient with yourself.

The Tarot cards used in this reading are from the Deviant Moon Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902.  c. U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Rider-Waite is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems.

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