Weekly Tarot Reading – April 3, 2017

Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of April 3, 2017

Nine of Wands, the Chariot & the World

Nine of Wand – click here for an in-depth analysis. (this week’s card)

This week, you may be feeling like you’re never going to reach your goal. Regardless of your goal’s orientation, you may feel like you’ve had to overcome hurdles and jump through loops, to no avail and this internal feeling is wearing you out. You may feel so tired and so beaten down, that you’re considering quitting altogether. The Nine of Wands suggests this is not the time to give up. You must persevere and push on.

The Chariot –

The Chariot card is similar to the Nine of Cups, in the way you are striving towards a goal, a conquest and it may not be easy to achieve. The charioteer needs to steer both horses evenly otherwise her chariot will be off balance and possibly crash. The same may hold true for you this week. You may need to overcome challenges or obstacles in your path and you will need strength, confidence and control, to get past them. The Chariot suggests you can be successful, as long as you are determined.

The World –

After the 9W and the Chariot, this is a welcomed card; it signifies achievements, accomplishments and completion. The Nine suggests this would come soon, if you stayed the course, and here it is in the World card. Whatever the goal’s orientation – be it career related, romance related, etc, – you have come full circle and it’s time to celebrate!


Two out of three cards are majors. 1 from Wands; 0 from Cups, Swords, Pentacles
Nines represent nearing the end or conclusion and the World is completion of a cycle.


The message this week is crystal clear. You’ve been through the full cycle of working towards something important to you and you’ve had to overcome many challenges and the struggles may not be over until the end of the week or sometime in the near future. But, if you stay strong and persevere, soon it will all pay off in the end, with the World card.

The Tarot cards above is from Druidcraft and used with the permission:
© http://www.willworthingtonart.co.uk

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