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My name is Freyja and I have been practicing the Tarot for a little over four years and I’m currently a member of the American Tarot Association and the Tarot Association of the British Isles.  I’m currently a volunteer reader for both organizations; the ATA’s Free Tarot Network and TABI’s free network.

When I first began learning and practicing the Tarot, I found a vast array of Tarot blogs/sites offering generous amounts of information, for free!  I am extremely appreciative these Tarotists were willing to take the time to share their knowledge and their experiences. Now, I would like to pay it forward and help others, the way they helped me.

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Tarot Nerd Challenge by Galaxytone

I found this wonderful challenge on Day 20, so I’m going back and catching up.

Follow it on Instagram: #TarotNerdsChallenge hosted by @shonna + @newagehipster333 and…on Twitter (same hashtag).

Follow me on Instagram by clicking on my account in the side bar, to see my answers more in-depth, as well as the pics of all the cards below from all different decks.

Week One – Hello!

Day 1. Share your birth card: The Fool (22), Emperor (4)

Day 2. The card that is most like you: Queen of Cups

Day 3. Share your Sun/Moon/Rising majors: Death (I only know my sun card)

Day 4. Your current year card: Strength

Day 5. Something you should know about me: Queen of Pentacles

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Weekly Tarot Card – Five of Wands

Weekly card for
March 20 – 27, 2017
–  Five of Wands

Above we see four men and one woman, raising or just holding their wands, notice only two have flowers. The one man in the blue seems to be offering to be the leader but not all the others are in agreement. The one in the green is not participating and he’s looking at him and does not seem happy; perhaps he’s green with envy. While the woman, holds her wand directly in between the other two’s wands.

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Writing Exercise: Card 1. Knight of Wand

How to play

Card 1. Knight of Wands

Ethen, who had a penchant for adventure, was traveling through the Grand Canyon and decided to spontaneously take a mule ride down the Canyon trails. Ethen was soaking in the natural beauty, but he began to grow impatient and wanted the mule to go faster. But that was not going to happen.

If you would like, post your story in comments.

Card 2 is coming soon.

My reading for joining Facebook

I thought it would be good to also have a Facebook account, so I just joined.

I wanted to perform a reading asking the Tarot what can I expect from my Facebook experience (as well as creating this blog) and these are the cards I drew:

Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups, & Ten of Wands.

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Tinder for Court Cards

This is fun exercise to learn the personalities of the Court cards

You can find the directions how to play here.

I used the Lover’s Path Tarot and I drew:

King of Pentacles seeking Queen of Swords

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After Tarot Kit Review

After Tarot Kit Review

Conceptualized by Pietro Alligo
Illustrated by Giulia Francesca Massaglia
Companion Book by Corinne Kenner
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo February 2017

The After Tarot deck is a companion deck to the Tarot of the New Vision deck, also conceptualized by Pietro Alligio.

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